Celebrating Bob Pease

It’s hard to believe so many years have passed since the analog industry lost one of its most highly respected gurus, Bob Pease.

To celebrate Bob’s memory, Electronic Design released two eBooks featuring collections of reader favorites. These articles are timeless and showcase why Bob Pease will always hold a revered place in the analog industry. The Electronic Design audience continues to celebrate Bob’s wit and unabashed style of writing by reading, rereading and sharing articles from this legendary electronic design engineer.

In Volume I Bob Discusses:

Analog Engineering
Technical Reading
Transimpedance Amplifiers
Frequency to Voltage Converters
Capacitor Leakage
Noise Gain
Current Limiter
Output Impedance

We all remember Bob Pease fondly—for his analog design expertise as well as his sense of humor. We were lucky he shared his wit and knowledge with us for years with his special column for Electronic Design, “Pease Porridge.”

In Volume 2 Bob Discusses:

Ripple Rejection and “Soakage”
Best Amplifiers
Bridge Amplifiers
Thoughts on Energy

Click on the links above to view your personal copy of each ebook.  eBooks are an excellent way to provide trusted information and thought leadership for your market. Learn more here.

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