Drive Your Marketing With Data. Part Three: Social Intelligence

Social media is constantly evolving. New platforms and connection opportunities seem to erupt weekly and marketers are drawn to the engagement and brand awareness social provides. According to Informa’s B2B Trends survey, social media is one of the top three tactics that marketers are leveraging to engage prospects and customers in the ongoing effort to build relationships and drive new business.

But, social media is only valuable if it’s relevant. How do you determine the right channels, the right message, and the right audience?

The Content Marketing Institute’s Social Media Survival Guide details questions to ask when mapping out a plan:

  • Who uses this channel, and what are they using it for?
  • Will it help us meet our objectives?
  • Does it fit with our editorial mission?
  • What’s our call to action?
  • What kinds of content will work best on this channel?
  • What’s the right tone of voice to adopt?
  • What is the ideal publishing velocity?

Data can be imperative in helping answer these questions and more.  Social intelligence helps harvest key data points and can introduce your brand to a new generation of professionals and connect in the channels they frequent and rely on.

Learn more here on how to create or finesse your social strategy today.

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