Drive Your Marketing With Data. Part Two

The importance of a good foundation.

Digital advances continue to expand the B2B marketer’s toolkit—access to data, online video, personalization—but true effectiveness still depends on fundamental marketing tactics. So, it is no wonder that today’s marketers are immersing themselves in understanding and responding to their audience. What topics are they interested in? Where do they gather information and when? What kind of content do they find most engaging? With quality research and behavioral data, marketers can provide audiences with relevant and timely content, offers and CTAs. The most recent Content Marketing Institute annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmark report shows that 90% of top-performing content marketers put their audience’s informational needs ahead of their company’s sales/promotional message. Your message will resonate with your audience if you speak to them and provide solutions to their most pressing needs.

Where does a marketer start?

Know your objectives and work to create a customized research program to reach those objectives. Start at the beginning with access to all the critical ingredients – deep research expertise to ensure that programs deliver the data you need and trusted audience databases that elicit response. Take the time to brainstorm approaches such as a combination of online surveys, focus groups, social listening and other methods that uncover exactly the intelligence you need. Determine the target audience and sample sizes so you can be confident that the data is statistically valid. Then dig in and find out what is on the minds of your customers and prospective customers. And have fun building a strong foundation that drives your marketing success!

Use research to identify your buyer’s needs and gaps.
Then leverage that research to inform marketing strategies.

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