Engaging Your Audience with Quizzes

Melissa Abbott-Mudd, Digital Marketing Strategist for Informa Engage, was recently asked “How do I get my audience excited about my content?” Here is her answer!

A: “Converting traffic, engaging visitors, and collecting audience data are few of today’s top marketing challenges. Interactive Content is a great way to address those challenges as it can be used to gather data and provide a platform for asking your audience to take a specific action. One of the most common types of interactive content is quizzes as they are fun for your audience and cost-effective for you.”

Check out these 7 best practices for using quizzes as part of your marketing plan:

1.  Creativity is key – the more creative and enticing your quiz is, the more people will interact with it.
2.  Ask between 4-6 questions – too many questions will bore your audience and they’ll drop, but too few questions won’t pique their interest.
3.  Keep lead gen form to 4-5 fields – don’t ask for information if you don’t plan to use it. Too many fields hinder conversion.
4.  Lead gen form before results – if your main goal is lead gen, require your audience to fill out the form before providing their results.
5.  Add social sharing buttons – social buttons help increase awareness and spread the fun.
6.  Add follow-on content to the results page – to continue engagement, offer links to relevant content such as a white paper or ebook on the results page.
7.  Monitor and revise – keep tabs on your quiz. If contacts are getting to the lead gen form but not filling it out, you might want to reduce the number form fields. If contacts aren’t making it to the lead gen form, you might want to revise the content or number of questions.

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