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4/28: Robotics by Design

6/30: Power System Design

7/28: Powering the Future of Electric Vehicles

8/25: The IoT/IIoT’s Enabling Technologies

9/8: Expanding the RISC-V Ecosystem

10/27: Digital Revolution & Intelligent Plant Design

11/10: Device Security by Design

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Robotics by Design

Robotics have proven to be crucial to meet the need of manufacturing even before the pandemic. The strategic use of robotics has improved plant safety and productivity, and innovative deployments of robotics have helped address worker shortages and supply chain challenges. Yet there still are manufacturers who have hesitation about how to effectively deploy robots in their plants.

Industry experts will discuss the value of robotics deployment, how best to integrate those robots safely and efficiently with their human co-workers, and how robotics can deliver a return on the investment and provide a competitive advantage as manufacturing continues to grow and evolve.

Live Date: April 28, 2022


Applications for Modern Robotics

Speaker: Jeff Burnstein, President, A3

How robotics will play a key role in manufacturing’s continued growth during the pandemic and will continue to be utilized in new ways.

Cobots and Robots in the Post-COVID Era

Speaker: Joe Campbell, Universal Robots

The introduction of more cobots and robots in response to manufacturing needs during the pandemic was acute. This session will look at case studies that focus on how manufacturers have successfully navigated the need for and effective use of cobots on the plant floor.

Integrating Robots into Your Plant’s Future

A panel of industry experts will answer pressing questions about how and when to deploy robots effectively for modern manufacturing.

Robotics and Automation

Industry experts discuss how manufacturing companies are adopting and incorporating robotics technologies to reduce overhead while staying productive in a global marketplace.

Motion Control Techniques for Non-Cartesian Motion Systems

Speaker: Prabh Gowrisankaran, Performance Motion Devices

Power System Design

Power supplies and power management systems are fundamental to any electronics solution. They are logically simple but can be challenging to design or select especially when one wants to minimize cost, optimize efficiency and improve robustness. They are also critical components in any system.

DC-DC converters are one aspect of power supply solutions that have become important in applications ranging from mobile devices using minute amounts of power to electric vehicles.

This event delves into DC-DC power supply design issues as well as power delivery and management solutions for embedded systems.

Live Date: June 30, 2022

Sponsorship Deadline: May 12, 2022

Powering the Future of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are just down the road, and as designers and manufacturers work to transform the world’s vehicle fleet to electric, the development of smart and powerful motion systems will be at the center of it all.

From purely electric actuation to electro-hydraulic and electro-pneumatic applications to integrating traditional fluid power systems into an electric fleet, the EV evolution will have to deliver on all of the promises of electric vehicles of all sizes without sacrificing power or utility.

We’ll look at EV from both the day-to-day use of electric motion technology in passenger cars and trucks to how EV will impact the design and function of everything from autonomous vehicles (AGVs) to construction equipment and large earth-movers.

Live Date: July 28, 2022

Sponsorship Deadline: June 9, 2022

The IoT/IIoT’s Enabling Technologies

The concepts of the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things lend themselves to a myriad of applications, including consumer, infrastructure, agriculture, military, and much more. What can be confusing is the equally broad spectrum of wireless enabling technologies for the IoT and IIoT, which fall into three broad categories: short-range, medium-range, and long-range wireless. We’ll sort out some of the intricacies of these enabling technologies and give engineers a framework on which to build their understanding of how they fit into the big picture.

Live Date: August 25, 2022

Sponsorship Deadline: July 7, 2022

Expanding the RISC-V Ecosystem

The open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) has taken the development community by storm as more companies have implemented chips based on RISC-V. The architecture is empowering a generation of developers by giving everyone, regardless of size, an opportunity to compete. It has also fostered a level of customization that is driving innovations in areas from microcontrollers to artificial intelligence.

Those attending this event will learn about RISC-V aspects including chip and architecture designs through software development.

Live Date: September 8, 2022

Sponsorship Deadline: July 21, 2022

The Digital Revolution & Intelligent Plant Design

The partnership of man and machine that drove industrial productivity for the past 60 years now has a third member of the team: data-driven analytics that tells both the man and the machine about performance.

The explosion of sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning and portable, flexible data management have put new tools literally in the hands of the operations team. Machine designers must integrate these new data tools to augment the traditional motors and drives powered, PLC-managed manufacturing operation.

This virtual event will call on the top experts in the field to look at how to bring the data revolution to even the most traditional operation, how to find the most relevant operational data, and how to under the greatest return on investment from the digital revolution.

Live Date: October 27, 2022

Sponsorship Deadline: September 8, 2022

Device Security by Design

As engineers work to connect everything from thermostats to cars to the internet, the question of security has become impossible to ignore. But dialing in the right level of security for a new product is a tricky task, requiring you to test—or at least investigate—a wide array of hardware and software technologies, from secure enclaves that will sit on your PCB to cryptography accelerators in the SoC at the heart of your design.

Engineers need to ask themselves tough questions during the design phase. What’s the potential impact of a hack? Who will be harmed by a breach and what will the extent of the damage be? What can you do within your budget, form factor, and power envelope? How long will the device be in use? Can you send software fixes or patches wirelessly? we will discuss the ins and outs of security technologies that you can add to your toolbox and consult experts on the best way to navigate challenges.

Live Date: November 10, 2022

Sponsorship Deadline: September 22, 2022

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