Engineers weigh in on Industrial Distribution. What does this mean for you?

Distribution is such a crucial element of the supply chain. It keeps our economy moving.  It plays a vital role in every product everywhere.


Professionals who have bought from, specified or contacted distributors for a range of industrial products over the past year share details on services they rely on from their distributors, products purchased thru industrial distributors, supply chain challenges and opportunities. The report includes data and insights on:

  • Trends affecting Industrial Distribution. Professionals rank procurement and supply chain challenges and opportunities.
  • Disruptive Technologies. How much impact on business practices do certain technologies have in the industry over the next three years?
  • Investment and purchasing plans. What technologies have companies invested in to improve supply chain operations and processes? Which ones do they plan to invest in?
  • Internet of Things. What end application are companies targeting IoT applications, subsystems or solutions for?

Click here to get a copy of the full report.

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