Privacy Matters: Regulations

In the age of data, privacy regulations will continue to become more complex for marketers to navigate and having a solid foundation, one that helps guide organizations into a more privacy focused culture and allows for scalability will be key to success.

How Marketers are Addressing Requirements

Privacy regulations are not going away. CASL, GDPR, and most recently, California’s Consumer Privacy Act, all address privacy issues with different definitions, requirements and fines.  While each law has different requirements, they all focus on the same core themes of: consumers being informed, providing consent and being removed or forgotten. 

Here are the three main areas that marketers are focused on as they work towards shifting into a privacy culture:

Aligning processes and policies to ensure compliance. 

Understanding the corporate data privacy compliance strategy as it relates to individuals in CRM systems, addressing organizational consent requirements and understanding how much personal data is being required and why.

 Collaborating with and educating internal teams. 

Conducting assessments of what data is being captured, stored and maintained across sales and operation teams.  Understanding and planning for how sales leads be impacted both from an internal generation and partner-sourced perspective.  Updating privacy policies through notices to ensure transparency and allow audiences

 Ensuring that vendors are compliant.

Conducting the simplest checks with media partners of having both country and state as required fields on data collection, asking questions regarding their compliance processes and avoiding vendors who claim that they aren’t beholden to regulations. Mapping every third party that processes the personal data of clients and visitors across organizations.

The Changing Landscape and Being Prepared

While compliance is top of mind, a true shift in culture requires knowing your audiences in first person, providing them with experiences that make them more likely to engage with your content and ultimately consent to sharing data and receiving content from you. Some broader strategies that Marketers will be looking at heading into a new era of digital consumer privacy include making investments in customer data platforms to be able to continue to provide consumers personalized online experiences and building communities of engaged users.

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