Sneak Peek at the November Issue of Machine Design

Machine Design editors are busy producing yet another high-impact issue. See what new content design engineering professionals will be engaging with this November!

A New (and Virtual) Reality for Maintenance.  The true power of data resides in how it is used by humans. Since we operate in the physical world, the value of all that data can be better realized if the data is converged with the physical world. Augmented reality (AR) can change the way we commission and maintain operating systems—if we use it to its full potential.

Quick Disconnect Connectors Readjusted For Iiot.  We can connect almost anything to the Industrial Internet–including connectors. That allows us to spot a bad connection before it becomes an issue.

Four Lubrication Faults That Can Bring Down Your Machines. Lubrication is the lifeblood of your system, but it often gets too little attention. There are some fundamental ways to keep your finger on the pulse of that lubrication system without slowing down your operation through too much or too little maintenance.

5 Tips for Detecting And Fixing Resonance Problems. Resonance can be a problem in any machine, as physical structures have natural frequencies that can be excited. Correcting resonance early prevents secondary defects, such as bearing wear, and structural defects like cracked welds, loose bolts, and foundation damage.

How to Perform a Safety Risk Assessment for Complex Machines. The safety risk assessment uses a top-down analysis of risks while creating a systematic and broader approach to mitigate them. Both methods are important, but the top-down view is an essential step—and often more effective for a stakeholder group to engage with.

How IoT is Transforming Supply Chain Management. IoT is set to revolutionize the supply chain—both in terms of its operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities—by making it transparent. In the present day, the supply chain is not just a way to keep track of your product, but also a way to gain an edge on your competitors by building your own brand.


  • A full report on Pack Expo
  • A look ahead to Machine Design’s 90th-anniversary issue.
  • Manufacturing headwinds driven by tariffs, uncertainty.

November Print Deadlines. Materials Due October 15th

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