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Providing procurement professionals with essential news, information and analysis about the technology and business trends that impact their global supply chains.

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Solving Marketers Biggest Challenges

Launch & Awareness
Launch & Awareness
Build awareness and generate excitement for new solutions and products.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Inform to engage and convert hardcore leads. Strategies that increase engagement and leads.
Engaged Sales Leads
Engaged Sales Leads
Driving a faster sales cycle.

Increase your sales with our help–through product messaging strategies and adept advertising programs.

Marketing Solutions


Guide your strategy, gain insights, stay ahead of the competition.

Content Marketing

Fuel content marketing strategies with visual storytelling, content creation services and lead conversion programs.


Reach a large or hyper-targeted audience via display, newsletters, programmatic, native, and print options.


Leverage our audience data to increase your social engagement & conversions.


Rely on video to engage audiences, attract new prospects and tell your story with impact.

Lead Generation

Engage target audiences, generate and qualify leads through behavioral scoring to shorten the sales cycle.

Cool Campaigns


Using Research as a Base for your Content Marketing and Lead Generation Strategy

Not all marketers have the opportunity to launch a marketing program with a blank slate, but when the occasion arose for the ABB Marketing Team, they knew that they wanted to do it right.  With the goal of generating new leads for their business division through content marketing and digital channels the team knew they needed a partner that could deliver a rich database to target their key personas, unique solutions for engaging prospects and expertise for converting those prospects to leads.

Design & Engineering Insights

Expert Spotlight

  • Christina Cavano
    Christina Cavano Managing Director Source ESB, Source Today

    Christina’s deep understanding of sourcing and procurement helps drive the Source ESB platform to help OEM and CEM buyers and engineers effectively source electronic components, products and services.

  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith Vice President, Design & Engineering Group

    Tracy’s leadership on sales and brand strategy drives business goals. She has helped countless companies take their brand to the next level with marketing programs that deliver results.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Unique Sponsorship Opportunities that drive brand awareness, thought leadership and demand generation for marketers wanting to engage with utility & engineering professionals

Stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends.


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