There is no shortage of content marketing

At the Content Marketing World conference last week, one topic that came up several times was the issue of content overload. Sessions such as “How to Conquer Content Chaos” and “Content Marketing in an Era of Saturation” highlighted examples of the sheer volume of content and content marketing options available in B2C and B2B today. Hint: There is A LOT! And there are hundreds of books on the subject as well. So, how do you elevate your content? How do you speak to the people you want to talk to with the information they trust and they want to read?

Read a recap of the opening keynote: 7 laws of content marketing.

The conference presenters reinforced the premise that sophisticated users demand great content and will make time for things that interest them. They want high-quality content and will seek out content they perceive as high value. And research shows that authoritative brands and trusted information still rises to the top. Several sessions at the conference highlighted the use of original research to generate high-value information buyers need along their journey and data that can be used effectively at the appropriate stages of that journey.

You will be hearing more about the buyer’s journey and original research Informa is currently conducting over all of our brands so keep your eyes on these Insights for details. Also, keep your eyes open for our next marketing trends webinar on content marketing coming this November.

And since the practice of conducting original research for content marketing is one we have been preaching and demonstrating the effectiveness of for years, we’d like you to take a very short survey to help us create the most effective Insights content for you!

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