Personal Video Learning

Video Learning Engineered for Engagement

70% of engineers rely on webinars for continuing ed.
Personally presented learning delivers relatability.
Focus in on the most important details.

Focus in on what your audience really needs to know about emerging technologies with short-format webinars are ideal for attracting and engaging busy engineers.

Start explaining.

Video is a vital component of brand presence.
Solving problems in video increases conversions.
Audio+visual engineers the highest message retention.

It’s a fundamental truth of modern marketing: Video is essential. Explainer videos are the pro forma of the medium, but they also have the potential to generate serious upticks in conversion rates. Do yours with care to optimize your ROI.

Get personal.

Personal Video Learning


Topic experts deliver accurate & engaging answers.


Deliver a webinar experience built for busy engineers.


Webcam presentation, shortened length and live Q&A.

Solution Snapshot

View the Presenter

Webcam presentation by experts conveys legitimacy of the information and allows presenters to appear more relatable.

Focus on What’s Important

Cover a broad topic with 3 key questions and keep engineers engaged and focused.

Gauge Intent Through Data Points

Full contact details and deep reporting metrics provided post event including: registrations, live and on-demand viewers, answers to polling questions, questions asked, resources downloaded and time spent.

See it for yourself!

What’s Included

Production Expertise

  • Project management by a team who produces over 1,000 online events each year.
  • Collaboration on topic development and speakers to ensure stellar results.
  • On24 platform that offers leading edge digital event technology.

Reporting & Insights

  • Post-event report containing registrants full contact information.
  • Engagement metrics including time spent, assets downloaded, questions asked, polls taken.
  • Lead generation available for 12-month archive period.

Turnkey Promotions

  • Co-branded promotions delivered through email, newsletters, websites and social channels.
  • Targeted promotions to an audience of qualified professionals.

Get up close and personal while educating engineers.

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