Women in Microwaves. The Conversation Continues.

Karen Field, Executive Director, Content for the Infrastructure Intelligence Group moderated the Women in Microwaves panel discussion at the 2019 International Microwaves Symposium (IMS) in Boston this year. The panel featured five women, working in different aspects of STEM, who have made their mark in the field, and continue to inspire and mentor those around them. Over 100 women, men and students attended the event to learn, ask questions, and make connections.

The panel topic, Challenges still facing women in microwaves and how you can help,  provided a spirited and informative discussion that inspired attendees to help make a bright future for all those who work in STEM. Panelists encouraged women to find advisors and mentors who fully support and encourage them and to be confident in their own voice, actions, and ability.  The panel also discussed the importance of females having a seat at the table. Women are good negotiators and great listeners who provide a unique perspective and having them at the table is an asset to growing any business.

Women like to help others, have flexibility, and work in teams. The panel encouraged companies and senior leaders to rethink how STEM jobs are marketed to women. Companies tend to market “what we do” instead of “how we do it.” Another way is to encourage a change in behavior: Be here. Be vocal. Be present. Be yourself. Ask questions and be proactive when working on projects with others.

Some of the panelists have already created change in their work environments by having paternal leave available for men, offering flexible work arrangements, providing mentors to all women engineers, and by participating in events like this where ideas, inspiration and mentoring can occur.

Microwaves & RF hopes to continue the conversation and be an advocate for Women in Engineering.

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