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Celebrating outstanding innovation in product design and function for the design and engineering space. EDGE Award winners will be chosen by the readers of Machine Design, Electronic Design, Power & Motion, Microwaves & RF, and Laser Focus World, Military + Aerospace Electronics, Vision Systems Design who will vote for entries from 14 different categories.


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Honoring the best in cutting-edge design and engineering solutions.

The 2024 EDGE Awards spotlights the incredible innovations produced by leading technology and solution providers for the engineering community. EDGE Award winners will be chosen by the qualified readers of Machine Design, Electronic Design, Power & Motion, Microwaves & RF, Laser Focus World, Military + Aerospace Electronics, and Vision Systems Design who will vote for entries from 14 different categories.

Early Bird Deadline: May 27, 2024 

Early Bird Price: $525

Final Entry Deadline: June 21, 2024

Regular Submission Price: $625

Entering your new product in the EDGE Award competition will provide tremendous exposure for your products and your company. In addition to identifying yourself as a leader in the design and engineering market, the EDGE Awards provide repeated exposure to industry decision-makers who engage with Machine Design, Electronic Design, Power & Motion, Microwaves & RF, Laser Focus World, Military + Aerospace Electronics, and Vision Systems Design magazines, newsletters, and websites.

Being an honoree is a validation of your offering from a respected authority in the design and engineering space. It’s a terrific way to reinforce the value of your products to existing and potential customers.

Being recognized with an EDGE Award is an additional tool for your sales team to use as part of their sales pitch. We’ll provide logos and press release information to help you promote your awards recognition.

Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping
3D printing machines, materials, and software, as well as interfaces to CAD and machine tools for post-processing.

Automation and Controls
PLC, SCADA, and networks and software used to manage control systems and data.

Cabling and Enclosures
Hardware meant to hold controls and electronics as well as monitor the temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. inside the enclosure.

Wireless and wired systems, modules, and software that facilitate communication between chips, modules, and systems.

Computing Hardware, Software and Systems
Edge computing devices and interfaces, as well as the compute, storage, and communication modules and systems used to analyze data and assist design engineers.

Electronic Components
Passive electronic components like capacitors, transistors or diodes, connectors, cables, antennas, and switches.

Machine Learning/Deep Learning
Hardware and software that incorporates—or is designed to—improve product quality, supply chain management, and production throughput.

Machine Vision & Inspection
Cameras, sensors, lenses, filters, lighting, frame grabbers, software, and systems.

Motion Control Components
Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric motion control components and systems including actuators, cylinders, ball screws, motors and drives, and accessories such as fasteners, bearings, belts, and chains, as well as fluids, filters, and compressed air systems.

Optical Components and Systems
This includes adaptive optics, optical materials (such as metamaterials), optical coatings, precision optics, micro-optics, lenses, mirrors, aspheres, prisms, and freeform optics. This category also includes lighting products for machine vision applications.

Production Tools and Systems
This includes creation of chips, printed circuit boards, components, and systems as well as all mechanical and machine tool operations, welding, soldering, and adhesives focused on metal or component joining as well as materials used to fasten and secure components.

Single-axis and multi-axis robots for assembly, product inspection, and supply chain use as well as cobots, AGVs, and other robotic transport vehicles. This also includes software related to robotics including fleet management, and robot operating systems.

Test, Measurement, Sensors and Software
Test and measurement equipment and sensors that measure things including electrical, photons, speed, temperature, vibration, positioning, dimensional accuracy, defect detection, and other operational parameters, as well as the software needed to effectively analyze the sensor data.

Tools, Design and Operations Software
EDA, CAD, CAM, CAE, Digital Twin, modeling, and simulation software as well as application tools and operating systems to assist the design engineer. This category also includes IDEs, compilers, and middleware.

Product Eligibility

This is a contest for new products. All products must have been introduced for the first time within a 12-month period beginning May 27, 2023, and ending May 27, 2024. Significant upgrades to existing products may be submitted but will be accepted at the discretion of the editorial staff. Entrants may submit products in a specific category, but that category may be changed at the discretion of the editorial staff.


Entry Submission: Entries must be submitted via the EDGE Awards link.

Entries can include a write-up on the product itself. Please include the company name and a website. A high-resolution image (300 dpi, jpeg) also should be included, and you will be able to upload a PDF of the product release.

Entry deadline: All entries must be received by Friday, June 21st at midnight Eastern time.

Entry Fee: $525 per entry on or before May 27 (Early Bird Rate) and $625 per entry after June 21 (Submission Rate). Multiple entries from companies are accepted. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted.

Voting: Voting is open ONLY to all eligible Machine Design, Electronic Design, Power & Motion, Microwaves & RF, Laser Focus World, Military + Aerospace Electronics, and Vision Systems Design readers in print and online who work in the design and manufacturing industry. Ineligible ballots will not be considered.

LEADING EDGE: The product that receives the most votes in all categories will be presented with the LEADING EDGE Award.

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Early Bird Deadline: May 27

Regular Submission Deadline: June 21

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