6/21/24 — Model-Based Design

This webinar will delve into the transformative power of model-based design, a cutting-edge approach that is revolutionizing the way RF system engineers approach their work. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into how this methodology enables a “shift-left” paradigm, allowing for earlier detection and resolution of potential issues, streamlining the development process, and ultimately delivering superior products to market more efficiently.

7/12/24 — IoT/IIoT Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have revolutionized how we live and work, but their rapid growth has exposed critical security vulnerabilities. This webinar delves into the pressing security threats facing IoT/IIoT ecosystems, including the absence of universal security standards, inadequate software security practices, and alarmingly weak or non-existent authentication mechanisms that leave devices and networks vulnerable to cyber attacks. Attendees will gain insights into mitigating these risks and fortifying their IoT/IIoT infrastructure against evolving cyber threats.

8/2/24 — Test & Measurement

The relentless march towards higher frequencies and wider bandwidths in RF and wireless systems is driving new requirements for test and measurement equipment. This webinar will explore how the need for accurate characterization of wideband and millimeter-wave components is shaping the future of RF test instruments like vector network analyzers, signal generators, and spectrum analyzers. Attendees will gain insights into cutting-edge T&M technologies enabling design and validation of next-generation 5G, satellite, radar, and other high-frequency applications.

9/12/24 — Tech Trends in Electronic Warfare

This cutting-edge webinar delves into the rapidly evolving landscape of electronic warfare, exploring the latest advancements and strategies employed in modern conflicts. Participants will gain invaluable insights into secure communications, advanced electronic protection measures, and the groundbreaking integration of artificial intelligence tools within the electronic warfare arena. Experts in the field will share their knowledge and perspectives, equipping attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the tech trends shaping the future of electronic warfare.

10/25/24 — RF Design for PCBs

This webinar explores the critical aspects of designing high-frequency circuits on printed circuit boards (PCBs), ensuring optimal performance and signal integrity. Attendees will gain insights into strategic antenna placement, robust power distribution networks, and cutting-edge RF front-end (RFFE) design techniques, empowering them to create reliable and efficient RF systems. Additionally, the webinar will examine the impact of PCB materials on signal propagation, equipping participants with the knowledge to make informed choices for their specific applications.

12/12/24 — 5G's Role in Smart Cities

In this webinar, discussions will revolve around how 5G promises to revolutionize urban living by enabling seamless connectivity, real-time data processing, and integration of IoT devices to optimize infrastructure, enhance services, and create sustainable, efficient smart cities. With its unprecedented capabilities, 5G will unlock innovative applications across sectors while ensuring equitable access to cutting-edge technologies.

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