The Design & Engineering Group’s WISE (Workers in Science & Engineering) initiative strives to build awareness about negative effects stemming from inherent and acquired bias and alleviate barriers to equitable participation for women and other equity-seeking groups within the engineering industry.


How you can participate:

Elevate your underrepresented subject-matter experts!

Provide SMEs from equity-seeking groups to speak to new technologies or trends. This focuses on the appropriate technical subject matter our audience wants, while also featuring a byline, biography and headshot (if available) of an underrepresented group. This is the best way to keep our focus on technical content front and center while delivering more diversity representation to the industry.

Promote your own DEI initiatives!

The Workers in Science & Engineering initiative – created and supported by the Design & Engineering group of brands – has been working to develop an audience of engineers interested in not only high-quality technical content they need, but also those participating in the conversation as to how to better diversify the engineering community and elevate marginalized parties. After several years of WISE content and support, our audience is ready to hear what you are doing to help combat underrepresentation with your company’s own DEI initiatives.

Our WISE initiative is an ongoing internal effort to use our information delivery platform to increase awareness and representation of underserved groups within the engineering community.


Women In Tech: Exploring Emerging Technologies in Software Design

In recent years, there’s been a significant shift toward gender diversity in emerging software design.

Survey of Engineers: Pushing Roles to the Edge of Possibility

A thought leader on advanced manufacturing and professional engineers analyzes research on what drives attrition in engineering and answers the question of applicable skills.

Women in Microwaves and Young Professionals Organizations Discuss the Engineering Community

At the recent International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2023 in San Diego, CA, a joint panel session between Women in Microwaves and Young Professionals discussed what they need to succeed in the industry.

How Do We Attract More Women to Fluid Power and STEM?

Creating a more diverse workforce by attracting women and other underrepresented groups can benefit industries and help to overcome current labor shortages.

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Director of Sales, Design & Engineering Group


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